Speakers at Oxford Futures launch

27 March 2014

Here is the list of speakers who helped launch the “Oxford Futures – Achieving Smarter Growth in Central Oxfordshire” report on 31 March.

Peter Thompson, Chairman, Oxford Civic Society
Welcome and introductions

Tim Stevenson, OBE, Lord Lieutenant of Oxfordshire
An introduction to the Oxford Futures report

Ian Wenman, Vice Chairman, Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership
The challenges to delivering smarter growth in Central Oxfordshire

David Edwards, Executive Director, City Regeneration, Oxford City Council
Training the decision-makers and financing smarter growth

Professor Danny Dorling, Halford Mackinder Professor of Geography, University of Oxford
The need for a spatial growth plan and engaging local communities

Dr Peter Headicar, Former Reader in Transport Studies, Oxford Brookes University
Transport: a critical factor in smarter growth

Peter Studdert, Former Director of Joint Planning for Cambridge’s Growth Areas
Ensuring quality development while promoting growth

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