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The future of the city of Oxford cannot be separated from that of the wider surrounding area from where thousands of people travel in daily to work, shop and enjoy the city’s many cultural attractions. While Oxford’s nationally important knowledge-based economy grows, space to house the people who work in and support it is shrinking. Oxford is part of the Central Oxfordshire city-region, and planning for development must be on this basis. This is the theme of Oxfordshire Futures.

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Headington Transport Strategy

OCS response to Oxfordshire County Council’s consultation

Submitted on 11 Oct 2013

What do you consider to be the transport issues and problems in the study area (includes Barton, Headington, Marston, Risinghurst and Wood Farm)?

On behalf of the Oxford Civic Society’s Transport Group I/we wish to make three high level comments in response to this Invitation to Comment. We have not commented on detailed aspects about transport in Headington as this is best done by local groups and residents.

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Oxford Futures 3 short report


On 10 September the third ‘Oxford Futures’ event was held under the title of ‘The Way we Live’. The event comprised an afternoon symposium and workshops, and an evening debate following three talks. Both sessions were well-attended and all the presenters gave authoritative reports on a wide variety of topics. The stimulating discussions that followed led to conclusions on issues of huge importance to the future of Oxford as a delightful and economically successful city in which to live and work.

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Oxford Futures 3 full report


On 10th September the third event in the series ‘Oxford Futures’ was held, under the title of ‘The Way we Live’. On this occasion the event was organised by the Academy of Urbanism, The Royal Society for the Arts, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford City Council, and the consultancies URBED and Jon Rowland Urban Design, with Oxford Civic Society providing support and publicity. The event was heavily over-subscribed and registration enquiries were received from far outside Oxford.

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Oxford Futures 2


Report of Oxford Futures event at the Smith School for Enterprise and the Environment, 20 June 2013

The second event under the title Oxford Futures brought together over 30 members of the Society and others with an interest in the city’s development to discuss different aspects of growth. The ambitious plans for Science Vale, the upgrading of Oxford’s rail connections and its housing situation raise issues about the value of further growth and how the benefits can be secured without losing what is valuable.

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Oxford Futures 1


What kind of city do we want Oxford to be in the future? Do we want it to grow and change or to resist both? Can we sustain growth in our congested area without compromising the very qualities that make Oxford so special? Seventy people attended our Oxford Futures seminar, held in the Town Hall on 17 January, to open up a debate on these issues.

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