• Oxford Central West

    14 May 2016

    Several key sites including the large area around Oxford Station and Oxpens; land on both sides of the railway; the area between Hythe Bridge Street and Park End Street, and the Osney Mead industrial estate are likely to be redeveloped over the next ten years. This offers a unique chance to create a new gateway…

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  • Westgate Development

    23 October 2013

    (draft) Comments on Outline Planning Application 13/02557/OUT

    Oxford Civic Society’s comments on the outline planning application for the redevelopment of the Westgate Centre (transport issues).

    Transport issues

    We note that the transport assessment analyses current visitors to the commercial centre of the city by number and by modal split for journey, and predicts a 24% or 30% increase as a consequence of the Westgate Centre redevelopment. We are concerned that the following conclusions are developed on the basis of the assumption that the modal split will remain the same as at present.

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