Local Plans

  • OCS Response to Oxford City Local Plan 2040 Reg. 18, Part 2

    28 March 2023

    OCS Response to Oxford City Local Plan 2040 Reg. 18, Part 2

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  • No Strategy for Oxfordshire?

    Councillors must explain the alternative

    11 August 2022

    Oxford Civic Society is extremely concerned that the Oxfordshire 2050 Strategic Plan has been abandoned after the different councils failed to agree a common approach. The Society is calling for a full, clear and public response from the five councils involved as to what happens now. Ian Green, chair of OCS, said (6 August 2022):…

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  • Decision time on growth

    A guide

    17 July 2022

    If you are trying to understand all the plans and strategies for our city and county but are too confused by how they relate to each other to marshal your thoughts, you are not alone! There’s the Oxfordshire Vision, the Oxfordshire Local Industrial Strategy, the Pathways to a Zero Carbon Oxfordshire, the Oxfordshire Infrastructure Strategy,…

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  • Cherwell Local Plan

    9 October 2017

    Oxford’s unmet housing need Here is the response we sent to the latest revisions of Cherwell DC’s Local Plan proposals for their part in meeting Oxford’s unmet housing need. 20171009_OCS-Response-Cherwell-LP-Consultation.pdf

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  • Oxford’s unmet housing – Cherwell DC plans

    12 January 2017

    The Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) for Oxfordshire was published in 2014, setting out the county’s housing needs up to 2031. It recognised that Oxford City could not build enough houses to meet its own needs, and called on the surrounding districts to co-operate to meet this ‘unmet need’. After much discussion and debate Oxford’s…

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  • Vale of White Horse Local Plan

    5 April 2014

    The Vale of White Horse District Council is preparing a revised Local Plan to meet the need for new housing outlined in the Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) – briefly described here. VoWH needs to find sites for roughly 20,500 new homes by 2031. Harwell and Radley have been identified as particularly significant locations for development, with Harwell assigned 4500 homes and Radley 800.

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