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15 January 2015

On 13 November 2014 the first in a new series of workshops on future growth in central Oxfordshire took place at Keble College, Oxford. It was sponsored by URBED with Keble College, and featured talks by four speakers:

  • Professor Danny Dorling – Professor of Geography, Oxford. “The Housing Crisis in Oxford – the need for expansion and development.”
  • Bev Hindle – Deputy Director: Strategy, Infrastructure and Planning, Oxfordshire County Council. “Developing a Spatial Growth and Investment Strategy for Oxfordshire.”
  • Dr Fiona Ferbrache – Visiting Research Associate, Transport Studies Unit, Oxford. “Urban Rapid Transit – the economic impacts of Light Rail Transit.”
  • Pete Redman – Managing Director Policy and Research, TradeRisks Ltd. “Funding Infrastructure through Land Value Uplift.”
Transport Options
Oxford Transport Options report

The report of this workshop, including the conclusions from a series of discussions which followed the speakers, can be downloaded by clicking the image above.

Further workshops are planned, including one on affordable housing options to be held at at Oxford Brookes, and one on conserving the character of Oxfordshire and reducing carbon emissions to be held in Wallingford.

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