Growing Historic Cities – a Symposium

12 January 2017

A packed symposium in Oxford’s Kellogg College drew members of the Historic Towns Forum ranging from St Albans to Wells and York, together with a large contingent from Oxford. The aim was to learn from success, and to debate the principles that would lead to sustainable or ‘smarter growth’ that does not outstrip infrastructure capacity. Presentations on Grenoble and Freiburg provided an international dimension, and Nicholas Falk, one of the co-organisers drew out lessons from four other European cities acclaimed by the Academy of Urbanism, including Montpellier and some Dutch examples. Responses from the Leaders of both Oxford City and South Oxfordshire rounded up the event.

There is a video covering the key speakers and main conclusions of the event (use the password ‘staringpeople’), and the full written report of the symposium is available here.

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